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Natur- und Wildnisschulen- und Programme gibt es in:


Svenska Vildmarksskolan

Miki Dedijer
Orreviks Gård
S-451 96 Uddevalla
Telefon: +46-708-159259
E-Mail: orrevik at dedijer.com

Wild Moon Europe

Telefon: +46-73-6789554
E-Mail: info at wildmoon.eu

Portrait: The Wild Moon program is a unique wilderness experience. It is not a workshop or part-time involvement - instead you will be learning through observation iimitation and your own experience, living what you learn.You will be outside for a whole cycle of the Moon (roughly one month) - therefore the name "Wild Moon"- without a break, together with a group of guides who have all spent at least a full turn of the seasons in the wilderness in Wisconsin, USA, under the guidance of the experienced elder Tamarack Song at the Teaching drum Outdoor School.

Institute for Permaculture and Nature Awareness

Aebhric and Anna O'Kelly IRL-Cahersiveen, County Kerry
Telefon: +353-66-948-1944
E-Mail: KerryTracker at gmail.com

Portrait: We offer Bushcraft, Outdoor First Aid, Animal Tracking and   Permaculture courses throughout the year. Classes range from a weekend   format to the residential programme held each summer. Our school is   based on the philosophy of Jon Young's eight shield mentoring model   and Tom Brown's wilderness survival.